Commercial Venture Capital

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Mission Statement:


To Provide Financial Solutions for those Projects  and Principal Owners that are having difficulty when seeking suitable Funding.


Company Goal:


To obtain funding for our Clients through re-evaluating and re-structuring financial request with options and "out of the box" THINKING


Please allow me to introduce myself to you and your company.  I have access to a wide variety of lenders and programs, so I can direct your request to the best resource and find solutions for your financing needs, such as:


• Real Estate Purchases, Land and Construction loans, Bridge and Mezzanine Loans, Refinances, Rehabs, Cash-Outs for:

Multi-Family Developments, Apartment Buildings

Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Casinos

Shopping centers, Strip Malls, Retail (anchored and unanchored)

Racetracks, Golf Courses, Entertainment Complexes, Marinas

Trailer Parks, RV Parks, Parking Structures, Car Dealerships, Truck Stops, Gas Stations

Office Buildings, Self Storage Facilities

Medical Offices, Senior Housing, Nursing Homes

• Business acquisitions, Business expansion, Working Capital

• Creative Financing programs to fund Large Projects

• Unsecured (no collateral) loans – business or personal

• Equipment leasing, refinancing, sale/leaseback

• Accounts Receivable factoring/financing, including Construction, Medical,  and      International

• Purchase order financing

• Cash Advances against retail or restaurant credit card sales

• Asset based loans

• International Financing (export trade financing, development projects, etc.)

• Equity Investments (post-startup money, 1st and 2nd round funding)

• Special programs for Doctors, Dentists, Medical Groups

• Special programs for Truckers

• Note cashouts, Annuity cashouts, Viatical settlements

• Hard Money Loans

• ... And more



"When my bank told me to come back in 6 months, I turned to CVC.  They closed my loan within 30 days."


Homer A. Carvan, Jr. dba Commercial Venture Capital is not a licensed Investment Advisor, Attorney nor a CPA. The information contained in this email is not intended to be received as professional advice or guarantee; all recipients should contact their own sources for legal advice and conduct their own due diligence for the subject matter.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE! Any and all information (written or verbal), including but not limited to; email, business plans, etc., does not imply an offering of securities, solicitation, or request for any type participation whatsoever. The statements, proposals, projections, and assumptions contained within are opinions of The Company only and as such are not to be considered facts or guarantees.